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wayne coghill

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Posted on Monday, August 26, 2002 - 02:23 pm:   View Post/Check IP    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

I'm a 35 year old male 6'4 262lbs. I started my workout and diet regime about 4 months ago with my wife who is a 31 year old female 5'6 160lbs.

Our eating habits were horrible and didnt exercise at all. We were niether gaining nor loosing weight but stable for 1+ years.

We started by cuting the fat and reducing empty calories becoming aware of what we were eating etc. We didnt immediately start the workout program. We both lost roughly 8 lbs in short order and hit a platuea. Next we started doing weight training with a high protien low carb diet on "body for life" for several weeks. No change in the platuea, weight still within 1 lb of where we leveled off with no appreciable change in body fat (less than 1% reduction).

Next about 6 weeks ago I started a HIGH intensity workout program and consume about 2000 calories per day 60% carbs/20% protien/20% fat. I spend 2 hours a day (6x/week) on a recumbant bike pushing against 50% total resistance (about equal to my body mass) at 16-17 mph. I also do ab work every other day (3x week) and mainly upper body strength training (3x/week) as to not overstress my quads and hamstrings (I'm using them for the aerobic exercise daily). Just for fun I also do 30 minutes on an eliptical trainer 4-5x/week. There has been NO change in my weight in the entire 6 weeks.

As close as I can calculate I'm running at about 2000-3000 calories per day in deficit. My basal metabolic rate is near 2000/day (from 192 lbs of lean body mass) + another 1300/day in work and general activity add in exercice activities for another 1800-2300/day.

All that I have accomplished in 4 months is to reduce my body fat percentage from 32.9 to 29.7 or by 8.5lbs. My legs are so muscular now that they are actually rock hard. My midsection is slimmer but still not anything I would be proud of (such as my waist is 6" smaller now than it was 4 months ago but still 43"). I take pictures every few weeks for comparison and I see the changes happening slowly. I'm stronger and fitter than I was when I started... I could barely do 10 minutes on my bike at a moderate exertion level (120bpm), now I can easily do an hour at a vigorous exertion level (142bpm) at 5x the resistance.. I can also bench 120lbs reps as opposed to 60lbs when I started strength training.

I can understand my wife's changes happening slower as she has a much lower lean body mass and a lower BMR, so its harder for her to restrict her intake vs expenditure % wise.

I'm EXTREMELY discouraged my BMI hasnt changed at all and my body fat % is barely dropping 1/2% a month. At this rate of fat burn I should be loosing almost a lb a day of body fat and IF I were gaining lean body mass I wouldnt care what the scale said. We use double methods of tape measurement and bioelectrical impediance to measure our progress. I'm STILL at 262lbs.

I was at 270 when I was eating cheetos and chili dogs and consuming 3000 calories a day with no exersise. Yes Ive lost a little over 3% body fat but in 4 months with only two breaks of less than a week each... come on!

There is nothing wrong with my metabolism.. you can easily check that, as noted earlier, consuming 3000 calories/day with a stable weight for over a year indicates that my BMR plus general activity calories were in balance with my intake.

I'm not exhausted and I am running at a caloric deficit which means my body has to be metabolizing something for energy.

I'm at the end of my rope here. My doc says I've just got the fat gene and I wont ever be slim. I'm not giving up by any means and I will get where I want to be no matter how much work it takes. But.. I'm starting to draw the conclusion that no-one (and I mean experts) knows why people loose weight and why they gain weight. The math says one thing and reality another.

Simple right? Burn off 3500 excess calories and you loose a pound of fat. In the last 6 weeks Ive burned off aprox 130,000 excess calories. Thats supposed to be nearly 37 lbs.

Here's my math:

Male 35, 6' 4", 262 lb BMI=31.9 BMR=1,983 BF%=29.7
Waist=43" Hips=43.75 WHR .98

Total Intake (ti) @2158 calories per day x 7 days = 15106
Total Expenditure (te) includes:
BMR of 2000 x 7 days = 14000
Weight Lifting x 3 days = 579
Bike x 6 days = 12900
General activity x 7 = 9324

(15106ti - 39603te) = -21697 per week.

*My indicated BMR is slightly higher than calculated because of the metabolism boost of exercising i.e. 15/cal for every 100/cal burned for 12 hours after exercise, I just use a conservative 2000/day.

If you actually had the patience to read this.. have any thoughts to help me?
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Posted on Tuesday, August 27, 2002 - 10:58 am:   View Post/Check IP    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)

Fat gene, so what?

The purpose of proper diet and exercise is to maintain and actively manage your health, mentally and physically. If you feel in control of your body and healthier (apparently you are stronger physically), that is good enough, isn't it? Also have you ever entertained the idea of learning ¡§alternative¡¨ exercise program such as yoga or tai-chi?
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wayne coghill

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Posted on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 - 01:03 pm:   View Post/Check IP    Ban Poster IP (Moderator/Admin only)


I found an article that detailed, among other things, the complexities of going into starvation mode. I had also undercalced my BMR by about 1000 calores per day, hence I am not eating enough.

The rule of thumb is to eat a minimum of your BMR in calories, and use only your activity calories as a deficit.

It also suggested that under normal conditions a male can loose about 2-3 lbs a week in body fat, and a woman a little less like 1-2.

So for me I should have a deficit every week of 7000-10500 calories instead of the 21000.

Another big portion of my weight loss plan has been consistently to substitute small meals with slim fast. Burried in another faq was a question about substituting slim fast for myoplex. It said slim fast is just sugar water. I read the label and indeed sugar is the 3rd and 4th ingredient behind water and milk.

ACK!!! no wonder I'm not loosing when I'm chugging 2-3 cans of sugar water per day. I'm switching off today to something without excessive sugar in it.

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